Beside our writing skills that fill our Intro and Rationale pages, this page contains other examples of writings on a variety of subjects. We offer editing and proofreading services, letter writing, resume- and corporate document creation.

Other examples of DTP: 

Basic Composites Course Interactive Book - educational material (first 21 pages - fairly recent)

Interactive Poetry Book - With mouse scroll through pages by dragging corners

The foray for your soulpoem in English

Als de dood een verlossing is / When death becomes a reliefGedicht in het Nederlands / Poem in English

The Ark of GabrielInvestigative article on a very weird object found below the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudia Arabia in 2015 that wreaked havoc among pilgrims

Admission of evil eery event in a confessional booth - an early work of visual poetry

Artikelen over voedselbewustmakende schrijfsels

Corr Snake guitarcustom guitar – promotional folder

The tree - An adventure from my youth in a different time and different place