March 31, 2018

Vladimir Putin - vector portrait

I started my third vector portrait - no pixels, all vector. This one is the first I did in full colour. Subject is Russian president Vladimir Putin. By far the smartest and most likely the most sincere politician of these days. This is a work in progress, so far only the vector shapes have been created. At this point it still contains matters that must be changed. Vector texture brushes will be drawn after this stage to make it more realistic. In all but the last phases I draw first and amend and tune later to get colours right and accents in balance with each other.

The image was created in Affinity Designer - the best vector drawing program around. Putin, along with Xi Jin Ping and Trump, is working with the White Dragon Society behind the veil to build a better, more fair world, void of poverty and environmental pollution. It is a horrendously complex process that involves countless measures that must be taken. But if one person is smart and powerful enough to accomplish this tremendous feat, it is Vladimir Putin.

To see the often subtle difference between the various stages, click on an image and use the mouse scroll wheel to flip through the stages in Blogger's Lightbox viewer. Each stage increment contains at least 50 vector bush strokes and / or shapes in addition to the previous stage.

Added and tuned many custom made brush strokes
that were created for this particular portrait.

This is what the image above
looks like in vector outline view.

Started with texturing of wrinkles and pores
with custom vector brushes and vector shapes.

Worked on mouth, face, forehead and hair textures.

Tweaking of vector shapes - April 2 2018 - 00:23

Stage 10 - March 31 2018 - 19:31

Stage 9 vector shapes outlines

Progress sequence showing stages 1-9

Western leaders are inventing all sorts of unfounded accusations in an attempt to make Putin look bad with the assistance of the corrupt mainstream media. The miserable traitors are all under the influence of the occult, satanic Deep State that aims to wipe out 90% of the world population. An increasing number of people in the west begin to see through the devious smear campaigns of their leaders, many of whom have come in office through election fraude. Once Vladimir Putin and Xi Jin Ping succeed in killing off the petro-dollar it will mean the end of the utterly corrupt capitalist banking system and evil, deceiving politicians. People will lynch them in the streets (as Bush Sr. once remarked in an interview), which is why the Bush crime syndicate has prepared an escape to Paraguay and other wealthy parasites have bought property in New-Zealand. It won't help the bastards, they will be found and still be dragged into the streets.